Party of Five

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Just over two months ago, we began a new chapter in our lives.  We joined the growing ranks of  “grandparents as guardians”.     My oldest step-daughter has made some pretty poor choices, been down too many hard roads, and can no longer care for her three children.   The plan is that someday, she’ll find her way again, and be the mother we know she can be, but that day isn’t anytime soon.

I thought I might take some time to document our transformation from a quiet nuclear family of two adults and two children (one boy, one girl)  to two adults and five children (two girls and three boys).  We are now horribly outmanned, but wonderfully blessed.   Our days are full of angst and joy, sweet moments and loud angry shouts.  We are learning about post traumatic stress disorder, ADHD and children’s grief from a whole new perspective.

It took us nine months of phone calls, letters, redtape and angst to get the kids here.  The journey to get them was much like expecting a baby (although at ages 11, 9 and 6, they hardly qualify as babies) with planning and prepping but not really knowing what to expect and how we will deal with life once they actually got here.

Now they are here, and we’ve had some feeding issues, some sleepless nights and some unstoppable crying, but we are finding our way together.   I have deep faith in God that we were meant to have this large family and HE has put us in a place in our lives where we can not only take care of these children, but rejoice in the little miracles of everyday life.

I don’t know yet, if this blog will be uplifting or not.. I hope it will be.


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