the bad year

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so for a little over a year, we have been struggling. Struggling with our faith, our tempers, our finances, work, you name it, it has been rough. Slowly, we are coming out of it. slowly we are starting to catch up and find our way.

I don’t know what started it. I didn’t notice it at first, just a series of unfortunate events… irritable mornings, silent nights.. which was, believe it or not, worse than the long angry arguments. When I say we, I don’t just mean my husband and I.. I mean the kids were feeling it too… and my friends, and my colleagues.

I don’t know what turned the tide. . and to be honest, I’m not sure it has fully turned yet, but something feels different .. I’m breathing a little easier, letting go of the guilt. and sharing my off time with good friends (and good wine 🙂 ) and the family .


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