I’m so sorry.. but

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I love hearing that from the biological family… I’m so sorry I can’t send childsupport this YEAR.. but I have a family to support .. (not me.. we just live off love.) I’m sorry I promised to come up and spend a weekend with the kids, but I’m not feeling well and i’m really broke right now.. (not us.. we live on love and never get sick or tired) I’m sorry I promised to call every week and check grades so I could pitch in with homework reminders… I’m just busy… (not us, we sit around all relaxed and lazy, living on love)

Usually I’m not so bitter, but sometimes I really want to shake the biological families… How can they profess to love these kids so much, yet fail to interact/provide for them? I understand sometimes life gets in the way, but to promise a child a visit/card/phone call and then not follow through?

I know kids have to learn whom to trust through hard lessons, but does it have to be so very consistent? Does it have to be by EVERY member of the extended family that lets them down? I’ve seen it with other grandparents/foster parents/aunts raising kids., even divorced parents, after a while the biological parent becomes less engaged.. its just rotten. Its rotten to the kids, its rotten to the custodial parent/guardian. We have to pick up the pieces and make excuses… we have to change our plans and try to make it right… even without the support, the phone calls, the visits… but its ok… as long as you are sorry about it!


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