Being thankful.

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So for November on my Facebook, for the past few years, I’ve been posting what I’m thankful for… in the spirit of reminding myself the blessings outweigh the craziness.  Of course I am supremely thankful for all my friends and family who can’t remember a time when we didn’t have FIVE children and help us to make it work everyday.  I am thankful for a husband who pitches in and helps out.. without too much prompting.  I am thankful for a wonderful school system that encourages my children to think… so much so that my granddaughter started a conversation this morning with.. “I was reading an article yesterday about that….  but this morning.. amidst screaming about mismatched socks and unwashed dishes, I had another thankful moment…. middle grandson said…. “how come you are so nice to the other kids and so mean to me?”..

It may sound odd that I’m thankful for that… but really… each kid in the house has said that at least once a month.(as I know my sisters and I joke about my mom having a favorite)  I’m thankful that each kid feels put upon to do chores, bring up grades, find his own socks and behave like a respectable human being.  Sometimes I worry that I am too hard on one and not on the others .. but today, middle grandson said it.. last Sunday is was granddaughter, the week before oldest grandson and my teenage son…. so we have a full circle.. no one gets special treatment, they all get turns at being bottom of the pile, and no one is the worst kid..

I’m thankful that my little people have become such a part of our house and so comfortable in our lives that they can participate in typical sibling rivalry, nothing too dramatic, just a regular childhood.   Finally in my house , when they lose their minds a little, the world doesn’t crash in on them.  When they become unruly and argumentative, I don’t send them away..When things get hard (as they surely have) they get better.     they are our children and they will stay our children forever.. and when they are older, they can argue about who is my favorite..


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    November 5, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Nicely said…

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