Momma always said there would be days like these….

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Recap of the Morning Craziness:    My son , the very tall, very grumpy teenager,  had to be in his NJROTC uniform today for inspections,(pants weren’t ironed, and had cat hair on them.. totally not my problem)  lunches weren’t made last night,  grandgirl’s lunch box was lost,  one of the darn cats chewed a hole in his leg and left blood splatter throughout the living room,  we ran out of milk and papertowels, grandson #2 decided that he now hates grits (despite that being one of the only things he would eat for breakfast when he first came here) a good friend needed to drop her kids off early this morning to go to school with my kids, in searching for an extra sweatshirt for one of those kids, i found a stash of dirty underwear/urine soaked clothes in my granddaughter’s closet,   band is today, so the unrehearsed music and instrument had to be lugged to the bussstop as well as overflowing backpacks.  I hadn’t showered in days and DESPERATELY needed to take four minutes under hot sudsy water .. during which time,  having dumped and chewed on a basket of unmatched socks… the dog threw up on the living room floor!

So, aside from this usual craziness we have in the morning,  we added run away puppy.. .. at 8 months old Xena Warrior Princess  (or– THAT DAMN DOG for short) decided that she would  wiggle out of her collar and run free this morning.   Of course I was running late (when am I NOT running late?)  and it was raining.   Of course my granddaughter and her friend were already in the van ready to go.. Xena was not ready to go into the house when there were games afoot!   Her “sister” Sheba.. only a few months older, but much wiser (known with full affection in the house as the Big Stupid One)  did not wiggle out and allowed the small people to drag her back into the house while I yelled out “WHO WANTS A COOKIE”  in my most enticing voice ..  Of course she came running…. Just like all the kids… calling her name at the top of my lungs produced absolutely no result… however , calling out the greatest snack choice brought her right in!

Really, most mornings are like this, I pull into the school parking lot on two wheels, cajole a fifth grade safety patrol to let me in  side door and try to pretend I have been in my office working hard for the five or ten minutes I am late.   Its become my way.   However, when I reminded  my granddaughter about how we used to get to work on time or even early in years past, she reminded me that I was always behind on my work, and this year, I am all caught up.

I don’t know why, but her comment was true… maybe going in later each day makes me more willing to get straight to work, maybe the time in the morning chasing socks and runaway dogs clears my brain enough to get straight to work .   Maybe I just need to stay at home a little longer and enjoy the home I have…   no matter what.. I will always have a little drama to get me jumpstarted in the morning.  Its the new normal…


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