Those darn traditions!

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I’d like to thank and smack in the head the person who invented the Elf on a Shelf!

It’s hard to be tired and have five kids. Even with one in college, there is always someone who needs something, some drama that needs to be addressed and forgotten laundry that has to be done RIGHT NOW!!!! So, even though I am tired and would like to rest, I must get up and move around and be a grown up. This past weekend was the first Sunday of Advent and we have traditions to maintain. In one of my first posts away back in 2011, I was ecstatic over the memories the kids had of the first Christmas we spent together. Every decoration, Christmas carol, the traditions from just one year before were remembered with joy. The didn’t have those memories with their parents, spending two Christmases in a row in the same house, so seeing the same ornaments..this was an unprecedented happening!

Now we are on our fourth Christmas together…and they are not just enthralled with the traditions..they expect them! The funny little dancing Santas, eggnog and “It’s a Wonderful Life” while we trim the tree. They have a pile of special ornaments they made over the years…the trouble is… We have two new very rambunctious dogs this year. I am tired and bogged down with work…I was kinda hoping to sidestep some of the hubbub and just whip through December as best I could.

But the littlest one still believes in Santa (and I have to remember move that wretched Elf every night!) the middle boy remembers EXACTLY where everything goes and was disgruntled that we had to move some of the chewier decorations out of puppy reach. The oldest boy is determined to have the best decorated outside of the house this year.

I put it off for one day…I sat in the recliner with the 90-pound lapdog watching Christmas movies with the boys..but we had Advent candles to light and a countdown snowman that had to start up on December.*(and the X*%@X Elf had to show up ) I ordered the boxes up from the basement, turned on the tunes and anticipated the dread of dread of decorating.

In true Grinch fashion..the little ones reminded me of the joy of Christmas and my heart began to grow…the music played, the decorations were put out and noone argued! The memories came back heart grew as I heard.. “Hey do you remember that one Christmas when …. ” They are memories from my house.. from our newly formed family. This Christmas I got an early gift.. I remembered the amazing gift I got three years ago….three lovely little people who needed joy, laughter and the loving embrace of a family. They gave me the hope of Christmas morning, the joy of Christmas carols sung off tune and the absolute peace that comes with sitting in front of a fire reading while the lights twinkle and traditions remain.


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