Um…. I forgot.

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I was going to write a BRILLIANT post last week about something..ok, last week!  I can’t remember what.. but I do remember that it was going to be AMAZING!  You know, thoughtful, very funny, a little inspiring without being preachy.. it was going to be AWESOME.

but then I couldn’t remember my password. and then I reset it.. and then I forgot it again.

it happens ALOT!.  I lose my keys, my phone, my coat, money, my shoes  you name it.. I can’t find it.    Of course,  given the holidays and the snow and LIFE, I can’t seem to keep track of much… but I promise it was going to be a BRILLIANT post.

The problem is.. I hate it when the kids have  use this excuse… “where is your homework”.. I forgot…”why didn’t you feed the dogs?’   I forgot…. when was the last time you took a shower… I forget……….. its killing me.. and it makes my husband CRAZY.

I’ve noticed that as a family of seven my husband and I have become complete hypocrites!  All the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do times are stunningly common.  My bedroom is a mess, my laundry sits un-putaway on the chair in my bedroom, my paperwork is backed up and  we have a hidden stash of late night snacks we aren’t telling the kids about!

Being the good Catholic girl I am, I have great guilt about it.. luckily I have wonderful friends with wine to see me through the guilt, because otherwise it would eat me alive.

So, here i live in a house full of unmade beds, half paid bills and hidden junk food… forgetting where I put my keys, my phone and my sanity. but its ok.. I have a husband who reminds me not to martyr myself for the children.   I carve out moments of time for me and I am learning to let the kids enjoy the life they have with us and not try to make up for all the sins of their parents.


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