and Teflon wins again.

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So, last year, I was chatting with a friend on my cell phone while driving home from a meeting (yeah, yeah, I know.. bad woman, but that is the only time I have to chat with friends/family without being interrupted) ANYWAY… I had had a wonderful day and was as happy as a clam when I “forgot” to make a full and complete stop while turning right. Right away a police officer was behind me.. pulling me over. I got a full ticket.. not for talking on the phone but for not stopping and also I couldn’t find my license (common theme in my life) in my van… the officer got me.. I was wrong, and I knew it was going to be ugly.. and it was a big whopping fine and it ruined my whole week.

Shift gears to the children’s mother.. she is currently being investigated by the state for medicaid fraud, by the IRS for claiming the children when we had them, under investigation for taking and cashing our grandson’s support from Social Security check every month for a year and on probation for drug possession, and .. she has spent exactly 1 night in jail and has less than 1,000 dollars in fines. I don’t understand .. ..

The prosecutor in the state where she lives rabidly promised me she wouldn’t get away with the medicaid fraud, he would pursue jail time and not let her talk her way out of trouble again. But she has.. and she will again. I try to be positive, but the sad truth is, that she will continue to make poor choices until she has to actually pay the price. After my ticket last year, I made sure I use my Bluetooth, and I ALWAYS come to a full and complete stop!

We jokingly refer to my stepdaughter as Teflon, because nothing seems to stick to her. She can steal and lie and cheat, and if she is caught, the cost is minimal if anything at all. My husband and I don’t work that way, we are helpers, we are honest, we are ridiculously civic minded. We were raised by parents who respected the system and raised us to respect authority. She had none that.   For the children, I will someday I will find a way to tell her story, of being a child of a con artist, and being taken away from extended family and being abandoned, but I still can’t see the lost girl inside the grifter she has become.


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