A fight, a snack and an afternoon nap.

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Periodically my cheery disposition turns dark and ugly, unfortunately sometimes my Dh’s moods parallel my moods and Vesuvius erupts. This week was one of those weeks, major painful,( expensive) dental work, rampant stomach bug, PMS and extended cold/snow has put us opposite corners, teetering on the edge of hostility, waiting for the one thing that will throw us at each other with snarky comments and outrage…..and then..on our first Saturday in weeks that we had nothing on the schedule! the damn dogs decided they desperately needed love and attention. …it was the very last straw….

“WHY am I the only one who can take the dogs out at 6am!?”

— I dunno…why am I the only one who can put a dirty cup in the dishwasher?

How can you go behind my back and let them get soda, when I told the THREE times they couldn’t and not to ask?!

how is it possible you yell at the kids for taking showers that last more than thirty seconds, yet you stay in for half an hour!?


. It is the same old fight..with added stress of hungry children waiting upstairs…  yes, we argue loud enough that the children..and most likely the neighbors hear us…I know some people don’t, but we aren’t violent, nothing gets thrown except insults and I believe that kids need to see an argument between people they love and then that we can apologize and forgive each other later.

So in the interest of our own sanity, we calmed down, tears were shed and an uneasy truce was called.

We had to agree that life is harder these days, that three teenage boys in the house will eat more food individually than we will together, that a lone girl in the house really can entertain herself without being forced upon her brothers.  And we had to agree that money is crazy tight, but there is some room to buy LIMITED books at the book fair and get ice cream after the boys get the dreaded HPV shots.

It was ugly, some things needed to be said, some really really didn’t, but we worked through them. Then we had a nice breakfast..(ok, he had double bacon egg and cheese sandwich and I had weight control oatmeal)  ran a few errands together and then we realized we were both beyond exhausted.  the kids were shuffled to friends and activities and we climbed beneath the electric blanket for a lovely lovely nap.

There is something to be said for the restorative powers of a nap.    Although I didn’t sleep much, I did snooze in the arms of my beloved…we woke up and gathered the little people. We invited friends over for pizza  and game night.   Despite the rocky start of the day, we ended up sharing laughs with good friends.

Things weren’t perfect, but the storm had passed and we were moving forward.sometimes we need to open the floodgates as a release, .hopefully we will remember to take better care of each other and ourselves


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