Happy Birthday Girl Scouts

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So, four years ago, I saw the end of a tunnel.  Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE GIRL SCOUTS.  I love the friends I made as a leader and I loved the experiences I got to have as a leader of my daughter’s troop for thirteen years.   Many of our life memories are centered around Girl Scout activities and trips.    NEVERTHELESS,  when my daughter (and all the other girls in my troop) were sophomores in high school, I was looking forward to a new chapter in my life.   I was going to spend time as an adult doing adult things.

enter the grandchildren.

imagine a six year old kindergarten girl spending time with all her very new best friends.  imagine a group that embraced her with open arms and giggles and glitter, screaming in hysterics at a song or activity,  imagine a campout where none of her troop can spend the night, but since her Grandmother and aunt were going to be there, she got a special pass to sleep in our tent.  And she woke up.in the early morning hours.. fresh from sleeping on the cold hard ground, wrapped in a mummy bag dressed in five layers.  Smiling the sweetest smile, she very quietly gushed “Grandma I LOVE GIRL SCOUTS, thank you thank you for letting me be one!”   and my heart sank.  I love this child as if she is my own and I will do anything for her.  So, I gave up my dream of retiring my mess kit and stayed a leader.

Grandgirl was very fortunate that there was a troop to go into. She has been with them for all three years and her very best friends in the world are in this troop.  I didn’t have to step up to lead again.  I did however have to stay on as director of a day camp. (which I love) and I somehow got talked into taking on a new troop of older girls.

I am surprised at how much I love continuing on.   I love helping her troop with a badge, I love working with my girls on big projects and planning a trip to Savannah Ga, where it all began.   Thanks to my grandgirl, I “get” to stick around a little longer and not grow up.  I still get to pitch a tent and raid in the night.  I love singing the stupid songs and eating food burned over a campfire.

My life now is crazy and full of wonderful people.  I have Girl Scouts to thank for that.  I have these wonderful, raucous, energizing women to cheer me on and drag me through the woods late at night. (with and without a glow stick)   I don’t know what kind of adult things I would be doing right now, but I’m pretty sure it would have been stupid and boring.

Happy 102nd Birthday Girl Scouts, thanks for all the memories!


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