For my daughter.

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just for the record.. I love my daughter and I miss her more than words can say.  She and my son don’t get alot of space on this blog, because I am a terrible terrible mother, AND because I was writing mostly to give and get support on this crazy change in our life.  She finally got around to reading the blog and decided my posts were a little too maudlin and I am not using good grammar.   I tried to explain poetic license.  Alas, she is a college student and not able to see the joy in un-capitalized words and sentence fragments.

SO, it is my planning period and I should be attacking the piles of paperwork that are sitting on my table, but instead, I am going to try to write a grammatically correct post about how awesome my daughter is.

(and  obviously I have failed already)

My daughter.. whom I tried not to name in my blog, ( but apparently I did in one short paragraph) is a wonderful young woman.  She is away at camp  in college and is so much a mini-me it scares me. (but not as much as it scares her boyfriend of 4 years)   We have the same ridiculous sense of humor, the same taste in music and the same sense of adventure (as long as it is before our 9pm bedtime)

I realized one day that we were a little too close.   That was the day I totally freaked out because the mole on my toe was missing… and then she pointed out that I didn’t have a mole on my toe… she did.whoops…. too close.

She is  the one that  I could call upon to answer the random John Travolta trivia question and remember how many degrees of separation Kevin Bacon is from John Wayne (six.. but don’t ask me to relay them)  She can reset my phone, file my paperwork and remember my passwords better than I can, but I am the voice of reason (shut up I am too)  and the one who has all the crazy ideas and the credit cards.  She   Mags    (my girlie)  and I have been through highs and lows and still remained buddies.  She never really gave me any trouble and willingly pitched in when we got the littles.  She never had a little sister (although we do have pictures that she tried to turn her little brother into one on many occasions)  and so she showered the grand-girl with love and Disney princess pictures from the moment she moved in.  Girlie willingly gave up half her room (with some days of “OMG CANT SHE CLEAN UP ANYTHING!!”) and then tried to help me mother them.  I leaned on her so much,  I had to send her away to camp college in Florida, with all its stress and beaches and palm tree and 70 degree days.

I don’t have much else to say, just thanks to my girlie.. I am so glad you are coming home in ten days.


2 thoughts on “For my daughter.

    Miriam said:
    March 26, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    This reminds me a lot of my own daughter 🙂

    andthreemakesfive responded:
    March 26, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    She must be wonderful!

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