But I really had a terrible time.

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My conversations with  3 always crack me up.  He has a flair for the dramatic and last weekend was no exception.

My youngest grandson  “3”  had a camping trip this past weekend with his Scout troop.  As a 12 year old he is my least comfortable in the outdoors and was still  very out of sorts from his trip the week before to see biodad. He loves to play sports and enjoys his time on the soccer field, but he prefers to stay inside watching tv or playing legos.   He had started seriously feeling the spring pollen and he swore he was not going to have a good time.   His anxiety about the trip combined with the drama of coming home from a week of no-rules dad’s house had led to difficulties on the soccer field and in the classroom. He HAD to get out to the great outdoors with his buddies for his own safety.  (and for my sanity)

When I picked him up on Sunday morning, he looked very dirty and very tired.  He immediately launched into an explanation of going to Mass outside on Saturday night with a “really cool priest” from a local Catholic High School.    After he finished I asked about the rest of the weekend.  It had been a Hunger Games themed weekend with contests of camping skills between several scout troops.     In a very Eeyoresque tone.. he said.. “It wasn’t that great, I had a terrible time”.

Undeterred.. I asked about some of the competitions.   He scored a two out of three bullseyes  at AX THROWING..more questions brought out.. well he did meet a cool lady who works with me at my Girl Scout camp during archery,  and then there was this time when he created a bear trap out of scraps and caught the senior member of the troop in it (which made the guy scoring laugh out loud, so they won that competition)  He grudgingly admitted that he and a friend made a cross-bow out from scratch and it shot straight.  He was named lunch cook so  he made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for all the guys and then he taught a younger scout how to tie some knots.. but he had a terrible time.   Yes, his troop had won the entire competition, yes he did stay warm and dry throughout the thunderstorms.. oh yeah, and he learned how to play the game Spades while they were in their tents late one night.   But he didn’t really have fun.  apparently.. he had some down time (I have no idea when) and he spent it looking at the clouds talking with friends.. and that was kinda boring.


ahh well, I guess some weekends are just meant for slowing down and relaxing.   🙂



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