Dropping the pounds.

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So, my plan to be a leaner, healthier grandma is going well. Four pounds down in two weeks.  I re-enrolled in the take-shape for life group that I was in five years ago and I hope to have the great results I had then.

I’m nowhere near where I need to be, but I am feeling good about my will power. Today was a staff appreciation lunch put on by our amazing PTSA. I had fruit, garden salad and meat.. no cookies, no pasta salad no trifle.

I could have said no to all of it, stayed in my office and just had my Medi-fast soup,(which I totally love) but I realized that my big downfall after losing all my weight five years ago was that I wasn’t ready for the real world.

So, now I am not walking away from the real world food, I’m just making much better choices. I stayed in the staff lounge, filled my plate with salad first and then tried to find a little room for the meat.

I stayed planted in my seat while the others went up for seconds. I didn’t have big snacks, and I didn’t have the afternoon crash. Its 5pm, grandgirl is at Brownies, I’m working on my paperwork and still going strong.  I had a light afternoon snack and I’ll have my soup for dinner tonight, the choices I am making are healthy and it feels good.  I may grab a cup of Dunkins before my Girl Scout meeting tonight, but just because I like it.. not because I need it to stay up until 9pm.

The nice thing is, I’ve been down this route before.  I remember how great it felt to eat healthy and to keep moving.  I remember what it felt like to step on the scale and smile rather than cry.  Its going to be a long summer and I’m going to have some pitfalls, but I am too damn young to feel this damn old.    I’ve got little people to take care of, which means I  have to take care of myself first.


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