Fourth Mother’s Day x 5

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So although technically this is my 20th Mother’s Day, it is my 4th with the extra kids.  It’s been a long road, but it’s a good road.  It started with the traditionally with me being held hostage in my bed so they could “surprise” me, then we transitioned to a hike in the woods and then a quick trip to the urgent care center for me and my lovely bullseye and of course ended with some wine and laughs with some wonderful friends.   It was the perfect Mother’s Day.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I remember writing my daughter’s name in my high school notebooks years  before she was born. I dreamed of sitting in the stands at little league games from my son.  I got to do that and so much more. we had wonderful adventures and I loved watching them learn and grow.  My children made me so proud and so happy I couldn’t believe they were almost grown.

My husband pretended he was good with leaving childhood behind as our teenagers started to grow…but then he arranged for us to coach a 4 yr old T ball team.  We spent the spring laughing and high fiving little hands.    He started taking more and more pictures of friends’ babies when we were at events.  We willingly babysat for anyone who asked and took to hosting events for our kids and inviting younger siblings of friends.

We were made for kids.  We love sports and scouts and the smell of babies.  We wanted more and more time with our VA grandchildren..but they were growing up fast too….they had friends and activities and they lived four hours away.

and then Divine Providence.  We were given the charge of three young children.  They blended  so easily into our lives..making friends with our friends’ children and sharing our love of life.

We met new friends and expanded our social circle.  We listened again to three blind mice being played on recorder and mediated disputes over who’s seat was who’s on the couch.   This morning I opened cards made with little hands, colored with crayon and lovingly glued into place.    Five years ago my daughter was already in high school and my son was in middle school. Hand made cards were a thing of the past  tucked away with belief in the tooth fairy and Santa.  I am so grateful that I still have little people who pick dandelions for me and are willing to curl up in my bed while I balance scrambled eggs and coffee on my lap.


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