snow day

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So its a snow day.

Its the first we have had in a long time. We don’t get much snow here in the mid-Atlantic. We get rain, and freezing rain, and then maybe some drizzle, but mostly its lovely weather. Typically we get one decent snow storm a year and then we have spring.  This year, we were almost sure we had missed our chance.  Today we got snow… big (for us) snow .. nothing of course to compare with our family in New England, but enough to close schools for a day (or two) .

I love snow days because I see them as God’s gift of   day off .  (because unlike my husband, I am non-essential personnel I don’t have to go out of my house if I don’t want to)     I get to momentarily forget that my very first driving lesson was six hours after a blizzard ended and my driving instructor told me I had no choice.  Here in the(relative) south, I get to pretend I don’t know how to ease my way up a snowy road.

“OH NO” I exclaim.. “I can’t go out.. they haven’t plowed my road yet.” (from the 6 inches of fluff)  I use the day to stay at home and catch up on some paperwork, watch some trash tv and cook wonderful comfort food.   I might do the regular chores of the house, or I might not.

This is a bonus day. A day to hear the children laugh and play on the hill behind our house.  A day to make hot chocolate and bake brownies. A day to settle on the couch mid afternoon with a book and a cup of tea.  A night to walk the dogs with my husband in the amazing stillness only a snow-covered road has.

I will take this gift and enjoy it.  I shall not squander it by being too productive.  I will rest and relax in the quiet. I will throw six hundred pairs of gloves in the dryer and I will just ………. enjoy it.


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