What you deserve.

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What you deserve my dears:

you deserve healthy food at regular meal times

you deserve a warm bed and clothes that fit

you deserve a good education

you deserve an adult who checks your grades and gives you consequences when you miss homework

you deserve someone who holds you accountable for your misdeeds

you deserve someone to listen to you when you are touched by the sadness of a news story  or a field trip.

you deserve traditions

you deserve stability

you deserve warm hot chocolate on a cold morning

you deserve time to sit on the couch and veg out

you deserve to be taught how to do chores

you deserve to be silly when the mood strikes

you deserve impromptu drives

you deserve a hug

you deserve someone to tell you I love you every single day.

you deserve someone to stand behind you when you are scared

you deserve someone to teach you how to shave

you deserve  to be part of a family

you deserve to go to church and learn to love God as HE loves you.

you deserve to be taught respect for our country

you deserve to go to camp

you deserve to play in the band and be in Scouts

you deserve to be told NO sometimes

you deserve  surprise milkshakes on a hot summer night

you deserve grilled cheese and tomato soup after a hard therapy session

you deserve to be taught to sit quietly and be patient

you deserve so many things I can’t count,

You don’t deserve the craziness in your past,

you don’t deserve false promises

you don’t deserve fleeting moments when they remember to call

you don’t deserve excuses.





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